P1 - Panel on Advanced Connectivity for Cooperative Mobility

This panel will address various aspects relating to the delivery of advanced Cooperative Mobility services, going beyond Cooperative-ITS, building upon advanced Connectivity. The discussion will cover a variety of requirements and scenarios, and will assess the impact of advanced connectivity starting with C-V2X. Ongoing initiatives around the world will be discussed, including the novel focus on Cross-border corridors in the context of the 5G Action Plan for Europe.


- Jorge Pereira, EU, BE


- Jamshid Khun-Jush, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., DE

- Mikael Fallgren, Ericsson, DE

- Susana Sargento, VENIAM and Univ. Aveiro, PT

Schedule: Wednesday, August 29, 16:45 - 18:00, Main Auditorium

P2 - Panel on Smart Spectrum

This panel will address the critical topic of smart use of spectrum, from a regulatory and technological perspective. The focus will be on SDR/Cognitive Radio, spectrum sharing, and dynamic spectrum management. One major focus will on moving from coexistence to coordination, namely in unlicensed bands.


- Jorge Pereira, EU, BE


- Ingrid Moerman, imec-UGent, BE

- Jaime Afonso, ANACOM, PT

- Luiz Da Silva, TCD, IE

- Miha Mohorcic, IJS, SI (TBC)

Schedule: Thursday, August 30, 16:45 - 18:00, Main Auditorium

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