W1 - Workshop on End-to-end Performance Evaluation of Services, Aplications and Devices in 5G Networks

Workshop Chairs:

Almudena Díaz Zayas, Universidad de Málaga, Spain - e-mail:

Pedro Merino, University of Málaga, Spain - e-mail:

Michael Dieudonné, Keysight Labs - e-mail:

Germán. C. Madueño, Keysight Technologies, Denmark - email:

Schedule: TBA

W2 - Workshop on Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Wireless Communications for Machine-Type Communication

Workshop Chairs:

Hirley Alves, Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu, Finland - e-mail:

Jimmy Jessen Nielsen, Aalborg University, Denmark - e-mail:

Schedule: TBA

W3 - Workshop on Energy Efficiency in Virtualised and Softwarized 5G Systems

Workshop Chairs:

Rosario G. Garroppo, University of Pisa, Italy - e-mail:

Gianfranco Nencioni, University of Stavanger, Norway - e-mail:

Manuel Fernandez Veiga, University of Vigo, Spain - e-mail:

Schedule: TBA

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